My Playlist: The 1865

The 1865.jpg

If you haven’t heard of The 1865 yet, it’s about time you did.

Comprising Sacha Jenkins, Chuck Treece, Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman, Flora Lucini, and Jason “Biz” Lucas, the New York-based blues-punk band is motivated by social justice, tackling hot topic issues like slavery and violence.

Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated debut album Don’t Tread On We!, The 1865 has compiled a playlist of songs that have influenced their work. Check out the music and their thoughts on it below!

Honeychild Coleman

The BellRays-“Voodoo Train”

Powerful, emotional, unapologetic blues rock with a classic sound yet refreshingly strong black woman as front person.

Death-“Politicians in My Eyes”

Political Punk godfathers, nuff said.

The Breeders-“Full on Idle”

Cow punk flavor, Grand Ole Opry backbeat, sinister lyrics-Kim & Kelly Deal have sweet voices but but don't give a damn about sounding pretty all the time, which is liberating.

Mudhoney-“Hate the Police” (Dicks Cover)

Everybody jocks Nirvana but Mudhoney are my biggest Seattle influence-dirty, growling vocals, heavy, all good ingredients for rock and roll.

Jimi Hendrix-“Manic Depression”

Jimi is the original Seattle rocker-the nuances of the space in this song, combined with his storytelling prowess=crisp yet groovy.

Sacha Jenkins

James Gang-“Funk #49”

Title says it all. Funky AF, soulful but heavy all the same. My man Joe Walsh is nice on the Les Paul. The best rock n roll is really heavy blues and this is the business. 

Bad Brains-“Destroy Babylon”

The message is on point. So many movements in the song; beautifully compliments the strong sentiment behind the cut. I'm with the destruction of Babylon. Sounds like the song at the end of the movie about the world blowing up. H.R's voice serving as Earth's final shriek. 

Black Flag-“Depression”

This song feels like what it feels like when the chemicals in your brain are rolling down the wrong kind of white water rapids. Greg Ginn's guitar sounds like the bugle of the Apocalypse. The rest of the band sound like they are going to fuck you up real time some time soon.  

Betty Davis-“They Say I'm Different”

Betty Davis has more confidence than Kanye and she don't gotta be cocky about. Her shit? Just straight up, au-natural testifyin'. Backed by a guitar funk that has all of the generations covered, Betty Davis has that super touch. 

James Brown-“Bad Mother”

Nothing or nobody is harder than James Brown. His storytelling is vibrant. His performance always keeps you on edge and on the edge of your seat. I feel like a bad mother every time i listen to it. Makes me want to do better and rise above the bee-es. 

Muddy Waters-Electric Mud (the entire album)

I know Muddy did this album because it seemed like something the kids would like, but he puts the psychedelic Caucasians of the day to shame. He probably wasn't even trying. Probably knocked it all out in singular takes. Just so natural.