Annika Grace Wants to Know is There "Anybody Out There"?

Current dating culture is challenging.

In the age of Tinder, Hinge, and all the other various dating apps, hooking up has become the norm, which isn’t all bad. But some truly want to find a relationship and hook-up apps aren’t always welcoming to that. Being asked out on a date is rare and if a person gets a late night text, they shouldn’t expect to be invited over to play Monopoly.

In short, dating as a hopeless romantic in 2019 is hard.

Singer, songwriter, and poet Annika Grace is a hopeless romantic and considers herself old fashioned when it comes to dating. Her latest single “Anybody Out There” is an anthem for the ‘old souls’ hoping that romance won’t fade.

In “Anybody Out There,” Annika asks if there’s anyone in the world who feels the same as her. She wonders if she is truly as alone as she thinks she is. “I wrote this song in hopes others would relate and understand that even if the world does one thing, you do not have to play follow the leader,” she said.

Through a moody ambiance, “Anybody Out There” is a track that will find itself being played on repeat, especially because of its striking chorus. Check out the video for “Anybody Out There” below!

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