HBO Latino Offers Exclusive Music Special in Collaboration with Orishas: Havana Street Party

Orishas fans, rejoice!

The iconic Cuban music group has made 2019 their year with the launch of their HBO Latino music special Havana Street Party.

Known for their powerful message-bearing Latin hip-hop fusion, Orishas are experts at tackling subjects like immigration, identity, racism, and Afro-Cuban religions and have garnered acclaim from around the world since they first debuted in 2000. After disbanding for seven years, from 2009 to 2016, the group found themselves nominated for a Grammy earlier this year for their album Gourmet.

The new HBO special, which is now available on the network’s viewing platforms (HBO linear, HBO GO, HBO Now, and HBO on Demand), captures the group’s return to the stage in Havana after a decade-long hiatus and gives viewers access to captivating performances of Orishas performing their best hits, including “A Lo Cubano” and “537 C.U.B.A.,” as well as new favorites from Gourmet.

Check out the trailer below and watch the full special now via HBO.

To celebrate the release of the special, HBO Latino hosted an intimate event in Brooklyn, NY that featured an anticipated performance by Orishas, who were joined and honored by leaders of the new generation of Cuban and Afro-diasporic artists.

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