Explore Nashville in Jon Pattie's New Music Video "Won't Be Young"



When we think of Jon Pattie, the first word that comes to mind is genuine.

The Texas-born singer and songwriter has carved out a niche in the indie pop world crafting vulnerable, authentic songs that have helped him create an undeniable bond with his listeners.

Now based in Nashville, Pattie is embarking on a new journey through his Reflections series. Comprising four EPs, the collection will explore different facets of his personality while sharing an evolving story about who he is and the search for the man he wants to be.

As he rides the success of Reflections, Vol. I., Pattie recently released the music video for “Won’t Be Young,” and, to be honest, we can’t get enough.

"When I was writing 'Won't Be Young', I wanted it to have a fun, bouncy energy to it,” Pattie says. “I wanted to capture this in the video too! We decided to shoot around different parts of Nashville to showcase some of the city's best parts. All the while, we were goofing off and just enjoying ourselves. 'Won't Be Young' is all about this being the beginning of my musical journey and my exploration of what it means to be a 'great' person. I'm thrilled to be able to share my journey with others!"

Watch “Won’t Be Young” below and stream Reflections, Vol. I now on Spotify.

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