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Canada has birthed some awesome pop stars over the last ten years, namely Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and so on, but none are quite like Natalie Lynn. The Toronto-based alternative pop artist is making strides and making a name for herself in the industry.

Lynn’s influences include the enchanting Stevie Nicks, the soulful Haim, and the energetic sad boy pop of The 1975, and all can be heard throughout her debut single “One.” The fast and sexy track is a mix of ‘80s nostalgia and 2010’s modern approach to pop greatness.

In “One”, Lynn says “Even if I’m not ‘the one’ for you, can I just be the one tonight?” Since its release in March, the song has accumulated over 16,000 streams on Spotify.

Lynn has put together a playlist of songs that have influenced her vibe and aesthetic over the past few years. Read below to channel your inner Natalie Lynn and bop along with us!


If you need to know anything about my vibe, or my influences, these 10 tracks are a good place to start. I’m not one of those gals gripping onto some B sides, that’s for sure. SO! Sit down, get comfortable, get your tea in your hand, and chill out to these solid gold bangers.

“MJ” - Now Now

I stumbled onto this track early last year while going through some spotify Newly Added playlists. The album artwork totally caught my eye first. They have a really amazing look and after diving into their tracks I realized they write amazing songs. Their entire album Saved is my go to. I actually just caught this bands live show and I’m even more in-love after seeing them. I can’t even words over this album.

“Sober” - Lorde

I honestly missed the boat when Lorde first came onto the scene, wasn’t a huge fan. That changed after Mellodrama for sure. Green Light was the first single that I literally lost my mind over. I love it when a song comes out of the blue and throws me for a loop. I had a lot of friends also reaching out to me and being like “OH MY GOD THAT NEW LORDE SONG”.. The rest of the album is also gold, and Sober is one of my fave jams. Jack Antonoff slaying the production with Lorde on this track.

“Missing U” - Robyn

This track was such a vibe this summer. I often find myself in songwriting sessions thinking “What would Robyn do?” because so many songwriting pals and I are always referencing her solid gold and shaking our heads. She is such a legend. The production of this track gets me because it’s so simple but she could carry anything. Another honourable mention from her new record is Ever Again - the bass line on that thing.

“So Special“ - Muna

I love this track for so many reasons. This band is slaying right now. They have such a great aesthetic and are three super talented musicians that get the pop rock thing right on the money. I’m obsessed (literally) with the guitar in this song. The arrangement is super tight and I can’t get enough.

“Stop & Stare” - Joan

This song is so good. I was a true Backstreet Boys fan growing up and I have to reference them because Joan has this like, dreamy boy band vibe mixed with all the kicks of a badass indie rock band, so it’s just too good. This song is a classic and they are turning out more gold with every release so...stoked I stumbled onto them.

“Falling” - Haim

I’d say one of the most influential records of 2013 easily. I STILL hear bands releasing music that sounds like a walmart version haha. Haim changed the game and all of us are out here trying to be even a slice half as good. I’m so hooked on their songwriting, guitar tones and production. They are literally iconic. I too dream of being Haim and we reference them often when we compare our music to other artists - they mastered the modern pop/rock thing and are a go to representation that females play guitar and instruments (because some people are still unaware).

“It’s Not Living If It’s Not With You“ - The 1975

The 1975. I stan. Nothing but hits, so that’s my kind of band for sure. They write great tunes but they also do it with style. If the term “rockstar” can be applied to anyone out there these days, I feel like they’ve got it down. I had been anticipating their new release and when this song came out it gave me everything I needed. Love It If We Made It was also a heavy hitter for me!!

“One More Time” - Pale Waves

This is the newest band that I’ve recently been turned onto. I’m really digging their music. They have a bit of that pop/punk from the 2000’s vibe (which is a huge influence for me) but with a mod-twist. This band works with The 1975 so I can hear a lot of that in the tracks and I don’t hate it. They’re super tight and the front chick Heather Baron-Gracie is totally mesmerizing to watch. This song is undeniably catchy too.

“Sidewinder” - Catfish And The Bottlemen

This band was a big one for me. I remember hearing their single hit the radio and thinking “this is cool...I wonder if they have any other songs” and to my LUCK, they had two full albums of juicy tunes. Nothing beats a band that puts out a full album of songs you can get behind. This track in particular gives me all the feels. Having a lot of pop influences, I had to throw a rock onto this list to keep it interesting and true. I live for a live band and good old fashioned ripper.

“Runaway With Me” - Carly Rae Jepsen

When we were making my single “One” I remember this song coming up a lot in the early stages. Big chorus and exciting energy, big production on a pop track. That’s my element so dancing around and singing to this song kept spirits up when tracking and working got gruelling. Carly Rae’s album Emotion is one of the best pop records of all time for sure and it totally slays that she’s Canadian.

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