EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch Talia Stewart's "Look Ma No Hands"


Confident, strong, and clever, California-born pop artist Talia Stewart has something to say, and we want to hear it.

Inspired by the soul and emotion of the late Amy Winehouse and chart-toppers Post Malone and Halsey, in addition to the artistry of Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalía, what we love most about Stewart is that she strives to empower women and to help others embrace their uniqueness.

Today Stewart premieres the music video for her latest single “Look Ma No Hands” with Musical Notes Global. As the first single off her upcoming EP, the song carries a trap and reggae-infused beat and harnesses the strength of the most important women in her life, or her “foremothers,” as she calls them: her mother, her mother’s mother, and all of the other mothers who helped her get her to where she is today.

Shot at WolffHaus Studio in Nashville, the video powerfully reinforces the lyrics with colorful, fantastic imagery and eye-catching outfits. It also features a cameo by Stewart’s own mother in addition to appearances by a variety of characters, including La Presa and La Matadora, who both appear on the cover art and will continue to pop up throughout the visuals and other media for the new EP. “My visuals are usually conceived in tandem with the song,” she explains. "I almost always know what I want a song's visual to look like while I'm producing the song itself. This video is heavily steeped in female imagery: red everywhere, glitter tampons, a group of beautiful, diverse women. I wanted to experiment with masking edits, so we shot against an all white background, that way we were able to easily replicate my masked dancers, who also make an appearance in this video, in keeping with my last project's visuals.”

Watch “Look Ma No Hands” below.

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