"'New Glasir' is a Post-Apocalyptic Society Where the People That Survived Can Start a New Life": Night Gestalt Talks New Album

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Swedish producer and composer Olof Cornéer is perhaps best known as one half of the globally renowned electronic duo Dada Life, but he has also been working on a solo endeavor on the side.

Since 2014, Cornéer has created music as Night Gestalt, an experimental, avant-garde project inspired by his love of electronic music from the ‘90s.

In May he released his new album New Glasir, a cosmic zero-gravity journey through space and time that carries listeners through a galactic world without gravity. The album follows ONE, Cornéer’s 2015 debut album as Night Gestalt, as the second in a three-part series of interconnected concept albums. Whereas ONE tells the story of ONE, a spaceship transporting the last surviving members of the human race from a newly destroyed Earth, New Glasir serves as its prequel, taking place on Earth before the departure of the spaceship after an apocalypse.

Cornéer sat down with Musical Notes Global to talk about New Glasir, what he has coming next, and more. Check out the full interview below.

MNGBlog: How would you describe Night Gestalt to listeners who may not be familiar with you?

Night Gestalt: It's about capturing that special feeling you have when the music is breathing slowly next to you like an organism. When the music seeps into you, almost like air.


MNGBlog: What is the most important thing that listeners should know about you?

Night Gestalt: Nothing I guess. It's all in the music.


MNGBlog: Why did you choose to begin a solo project away from Dada Life?

Night Gestalt: I have always listened to electronic music that is not played in the clubs or at festivals. It's what I grew up with. And at one point I felt I need to reconnect to that music. Not really trying to mimic the sounds of the 90s but the feeling I got from that music being a teenager.


MNGBlog: Congratulations on the release of your new album! How does it feel now that it's finally out?

Night Gestalt: Great! It's a lonely profession creating music. At least this kind of music, and at times it feels as if you're going crazy. But maybe that's a good thing.


MNGBlog: What does New Glasir represent for you?

Night Gestalt: New Glasir is a post-apocalyptic society where the people that survived can start a new life. It's that bittersweet feeling of being alive, knowing that everything is gone. It's a place and a feeling.


MNGBlog: For you, what is the most significant track on the album?

Night Gestalt: “Dark Summer.” It's the first I recorded for the album, but I'm also just really happy how it turned out.


MNGBlog: What do you hope people take away from New Glasir after listening?

Night Gestalt: I hope they feel that they have been ‘somewhere else’ - away from our everyday lives -  if just for a minute or two.


MNGBlog: Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

Night Gestalt: After New Glasir I'm going to release a record with wind quintet music I have worked on. I'm also working on an album with some really exciting and hopefully unexpected collaborations.

Listen to New Glasir below.

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