The Jonas Brothers Are Back, ALRIGHT!: 5 Reasons Why We Love Happiness Begins

PHOTO CREDIT: Peggy Sirota

PHOTO CREDIT: Peggy Sirota

It has been ten years since the Jonas Brothers have released an album, six years since they released a single as a band, and about five minutes since they made me fangirl over their music video for “Cool” on YouTube.

In case you aren’t up to speed, here’s a quick history lesson: The original JB, or Jonas Brothers, have been stealing the hearts of women, men, and non-binary people since 2005. With hits like “Burning Up,” “Year 3000,” and their first single since their return, “Sucker,” the band continues to show that they are cross-genre excellence and have expertise in what great pop-rock music sounds and looks like.

In 2013, JB devastated fans by canceling their tour a few days before they embarked on the North American leg, scrapped their album V (Five), and called it quits due to a “rift in the band.” Fast forward to 2019, the brothers are back (mentally, emotionally, and physically) and better than ever with their fifth official studio release Happiness Begins.

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Here at Musical Notes Global, we have been playing Happiness Begins on repeat since its release on June 7 via Republic Records. Here are five things we learned from the comeback album:

1. The Jonas Brothers, simply put, cannot release a bad song.

Even when their hearts weren’t in it, songs from the scrapped V album like “First Time” and “Pom Poms” made fans weak in the knees. Happiness Begins is full of fast-paced anthems and slow-burning love songs, ready to bring fans on the ride that is the new era of Jonas.

2. The Jonas Brothers are versatile as rockers and as pop stars.

Although their new album doesn’t have the same pop-rock vibes they gave off in their teens, they’ve moved successfully as rock stars to pop stars in the matter of an album.

3. Nick Jonas is a songwriting genius.

It’s no surprise that Nick has written many of the hits on past Jonas albums (along with Joe and Kevin), but he has a credit on nearly every single Jonas song ever made, including the new album.

4. They’ve truly grown up as songwriters, individuals, and as brothers.

Happiness Begins covers topics like love, sex, heartbreak, and finding yourself in the world, even when you’re faking being happy. It’s About Time, the self-titled JB album, A Little Bit Longer, and Lines, Vines and Trying Times definitely touched on love, but somehow these new songs feel more genuine. Not to say that 14-year-olds falling in love isn’t as valid as a 26-year-old falling in love, but seeing the trio happily married and then hearing about this love, rather than love from a distance makes it all the more special.

5. The Jonas Brothers truly didn’t realize how missed they were in the world.

The band continues to bring so much happiness to their fans and to pop radio. Their tour for Happiness Begins has dates sold out already, new dates have been added, and everywhere you look, someone is either writing or talking about the Jonas Brothers. Everyone missed them—whether they admitted to being a JB fan in their youth or not.

Happiness truly begins with the Jonas Brothers.

Listen to Happiness Begins on Spotify here.