Our Top 5 Italian Songs of the Moment-June

It’s that time again! We’ve picked out 5 of our favorite Italian songs from the past month (yes, a couple of them are summer-inspired). We hope you enjoy them too!

5. “Occhi profondi”-Emma Marrone

Why We Picked It: Emma captured our attention with her expressive and powerful voice. She brings incredible passion to this track about a love that's gone cold.

4. “Senza fare sul serio”-Malika Ayane

Why We Picked It: Malika Ayane has experienced great success during her career with multiple hits that have been certified platinum in Italy. She has also been a Sanremo contestant multiple times, including this year (she entered with “Adesso e qui”). “Senza fare sul serio” is a solid track with a rhythmic beat. We love her style.


3. “L’estate addosso”-Jovanotti

Why We Picked It: Since it’s officially summer, we’re obligated to include a couple of “summery” songs on this list. Jovanotti talks about swimming, music, and freedom. What more could we ask for?


2. “Io ti aspetto”-Marco Mengoni

Why We Picked It: It looks like Marco Mengoni has another hit on his hands. "Io ti aspetto" has a beat like something you might hear at a club. Although the song has Marco Mengoni waiting for his love to return, he rises out of his heartbreak. Find it on his 2015 album Parole in circolo. You can also see him featured on our Italian Songs of the Moment-March.


1. “# Fuori c’è il sole”-Lorenzo Fragola

Why We Picked It: Sunshine, friends, the ocean…This track from new Italian artist Lorenzo Fragola expresses in words why we love summer so much and will surely be Italy's song of the summer. Go enjoy the beautiful weather, have fun with your friends, and listen to this song! To find out more about Lorenzo Fragola, check him out in our Rising Artist Spotlight.