Rising Artist Spotlight: John Karayiannis

One of the best things about the Eurovision Song Contest is that it exposes the world to a slew of new artists every year. This year we were especially captivated by 21-year-old Cypriot singer/songwriter and musician John Karayiannis, who captured our hearts with his gorgeous entry “One Thing I Should Have Done”.

Although Karayiannis did not pen the song, it shows off his tremendous talent as a singer and is beautifully organic, showcasing his unique artistic prowess--his ability to stop time, be vulnerable, and draw his audience right into his inner world.

The video is mesmerizing in its simplicity and wonderfully complements the song. A similar visual effect was also utilized during his Eurovision performance, no doubt even more powerful during the live performance than it was in the video.

We ranked “One Thing I Should Have Done” high on our list of our 10 favorite ESC entries and we have not stopped listening to it in the two months since the contest took place. We have to admit we were extremely disappointed that he did not rank higher in the grand final. Take a look at our Eurovision recap to find out his final ranking in the contest.

We surely cannot wait to hear more from this talented, emotive young artist. He is set to record his first album in London this fall.

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