Albums We Love: Corazón Profundo (2013)-Carlos Vives

We love Carlos Vives, and we were super excited when we heard the news that a live CD+DVD was released on August 7. Titled “Más + Corazón Profundo Tour: En Vivo desde la Bahía de Santa Marta,” the DVD includes a behind-the-scenes look at the tour and exclusive interviews, and hit #1 on the iTunes Colombia store in pre-order. Already established for many years as a celebrated artist across Latin America and around the world, his 2013 album Corazón Profundo sparked his most recent success, as well as a sister album: Más + Corazón Profundo.

Corazón Profundo is an Album We Love for many reasons, and we’ve had it on repeat since it was released. Every single song on this album is strong—no filler here at all! And every word is heartfelt.

Our Favorite Songs from Corazón Profundo: “Volví a Nacer,” “Corazón Profundo,” “Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo,” “La Fantástica”

Here are our thoughts on our top picks:

“Volví a Nacer” will always be one of our most favorite tracks from this album. It is a beautiful song that celebrates love with a beautiful video to accompany it.

Vives certainly has a way with words. What a poet! The title track, “Corazón Profundo,” has inspiring lyrics and perfectly demonstrates his writing prowess over reviving, gorgeous, melodic instrumentals.

And if you're in the mood for something a little lighter, “Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo” is a fun collaboration with Brazilian singer Michel Teló that will make you want to dance. Listen out for Teló’s verses, sung in Portuguese!

Something that especially enchants us is the way Carlos Vives declares his love for Colombia. “La Fantástica” tells the history of Cartagena, a historic city located on the country’s coast.

Bright and colorful, Corazón Profundo is a Latin Grammy Award winner with a cohesive sound that will withstand the test of time. It has made us lifelong fans of Carlos Vives.

So, do you love this album just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below!