Alessandra Amoroso Debuts Self-Titled Album for Latin Market

Alessandra Amoroso's new album is finally here! And it's perfect. Recorded in Miami and Los Angeles and produced by Juan Luis Pagan (producer for superstars Marc Anthony and Chayanne, among others), the self-titled project is the first Spanish language album for the Italian singer.

Two singles have already been released with great reception. The first, "Grito y No Me Escuchas", debuted in May and is absolutely stunning, immediately proving that Amoroso will continue to experience tremendous success crossing over into the Latin market. The second, "Me Siento Sola," is a powerful duet with Mario Domm of Mexican rock band Camila. Released in July, it quickly rose up the charts in Spain this summer.

The album's 13 tracks include the Spanish versions of many of her previously released Italian songs, such as "Grito y No Me Escuchas" (Italian: "Urlo e non mi senti"). "Sin Una Nube" (Italian: "Senza nuvole") is now an amazing duet, recorded with Argentine singer-songwriter Diego Torres.

We think this album will be an award-winner! What do you think? Do you love Alessandra Amoroso? Let us know in the comments below!