Albums We Love: Grande Amore (International Version) (2015)-Il Volo

Il Volo Grande Amore album cover

Our favorite trio is back!

After a long wait and a one-week postponement, Il Volo is ending an already amazing year with the launch of their new studio album Grande Amore.

Available in three editions, the International and Spanish versions find their title from the career-defining, Sanremo-winning Eurovision entry “Grande amore,” while the Italian release shares its title with its first single, "L'amore si muove."

Here, we chose to review the International Version, which includes tracks in English, Spanish, and Italian. We knew even before we heard this album that it was going to be an Album We Love.

Whether they’re Sanremo winners or international classics, many of the songs included on Grande Amore have a storied history. But it’s the Il Volo originals on this album, perhaps, that are to be especially taken note of, as they are on the way to becoming classics themselves and give us a peek into what the future will bring from the trio.

Our Thoughts on Grande Amore:

1. "Grande amore"

We cannot declare our love any more than we have already for this vocal knockout. “Grande amore” took the world by storm, becoming both an anthem and a motto, and confirming that Il Volo just keeps getting better with age.

2. "La vita"

From the lyrics to the melody, "La vita" is an ode to the beauty of life. Did you notice that beat in the background that sounds like a heartbeat? The track is absolutely stunning and provides an ideal stage for tenor Piero Barone to shine.

3. "Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)"

Originally recorded and co-written by Domenico Modugno, it was only a matter of time before Il Volo interpreted this timeless treasure, infusing it with their own charming style.

4. "Quando l'amore diventa poesia"

We love that Il Volo is giving so many fantastic Italian pop songs the chance to move a new audience. Massimo Ranieri’s 1969 enchanting Sanremo entry is an overwhelmingly perfect fit for them.

5. "Per te ci sarò"

Laced with the flavor of U2, “Per te ci sarò” is inspirational fuel and is already a fan favorite. Don’t forget to check out its Spanish counterpart, “El Centro del Sol”—the lyrics are captivating.

6. "Aspetterò"

Ignazio Boschetto’s soul-piercing vocals are absolutely brilliant on this track, which sounds equally incredible in Italian as it does in Spanish. Gently revealing pure, genuine emotion and tender vulnerability is his specialty, and we are so thrilled that he has the chance to share this gift with us here.

7. “L’amore si muove” “L’amore si muove” is a bold and commanding hit that follows the splendid grandeur of “Grande amore.” Breathtaking and compelling with a dash of pop, it is an Il Volo original that is modern and radio-friendly while precisely capturing their essence as a vocal group.

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8. "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (Io che non vivo senza te)"

This song, in both English and Italian, is one of our long-time personal favorites; and we are ecstatic that they have recorded both in studio. There’s no denying that their English version is absolutely perfect—and we love it. We must add, however, that their take on the Italian version “Io che non vivo senza te” (only available on L’amore si muove) is pretty much the best cover of the song that exists.

9. "Eternally"

Let us never forget the beauty that exists in simplicity. Backed by a crisp and classical arrangement, Il Volo proves that their voices have the power to fascinate their audience no matter what they are singing.

10. "Si Me Falta Tu Mirada"

As the only Spanish language track on the album, “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” is filled with longing emotion. We can totally hear it being played on the radio.

11. "Delilah"

A dark tale of deception and scandal, Tom Jones’s “Delilah” has maintained its haunting allure through the years. Il Volo brings a wise youth to the track, renewing the 1968 hit it for a younger audience.

12. "L'immensità"

We love the rock edge of "L'immensità," and it is an impressive demonstration of how versatile the dynamic voices of Il Volo truly are.

13. "Caruso"

We know of a “few” others out there who are jumping for joy that “Caruso” is on Grande Amore, and we need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that it has finally been included on one of Il Volo’s studio albums. Their rendition of Lucio Dalla’s legendary song is extraordinary, capturing all of the anguish and emotion present in the original and then some. It is important to note that as a live performance it will take your breath away.

14. "The Best Day of My Life"

"The Best Day of My Life" is a good old fashioned, sweet love song that makes the heart flutter. We adore the live performance from their Rai special Un’avventura straordinaria featuring Lorenzo Fragola.

15. "Beautiful That Way (La vita è bella)

Inspired by the original score from the award-winning Benigni film La vita è bella (Life Is Beautiful), the first vocal version of “Beautiful That Way” was performed by Israeli singer Noa, who also wrote the lyrics. The song and its ethereal, dreamlike arrangement fits in well with the rest of Il Volo’s repertoire.

16. "Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)"

Ciao, ciao bambina…What an absolute beauty this song is. Its swinging style ironically lifts our spirits even though it recounts a relationship coming to an end.

These 16 perfectly crafted tracks combine to form a repeat-worthy modern classic. With their soaring vocals bringing more power and intensity than ever, Grande Amore unquestionably serves as a historical milestone for the trio. It is on this album that we have the pleasure of witnessing Il Volo and its members settle into their own, solidifying their identity as well-rounded, unique, original artists who are constructing a legendary career. This is a group we’ll be looking back on, saying: Remember Grande Amore? That was magic.

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