The Italian Version of We Love Disney is Perfect

Disney's at it again. We Love Disney, a compilation of some of Disney's most beloved songs, was released on October 30. The album features American artists such as Rascal Flatts, Gwen Stefani, and Ariana Grande, as well as British artist Jessie J, and more.

In Italy, however, We Love Disney was released as a dual disc compilation via streaming and digital stores on November 20. While the first disc is the international version mentioned above, the second disc includes the Italian versions of some of those songs, in addition to others, performed by artists such as Emma Marrone, Nina Zilli, Antonino, and rapper Clementino.

Of course, Disney songs are some of the most-well known around the world, withstanding the test of time. They have been translated into numerous languages, and we think these Italian versions are especially beautiful and oh so perfect.

Below is the track listing for the Italian disc (songs available on YouTube):

1. "Il mondo è mio" ("A Whole New World"-Aladdin)-Antonino & Emma


2. "Un amico come me" ("Friend Like Me"-Aladdin)-Clementino

3. "I sogni son desideri" ("A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"-Cinderella)-Carmen Consoli

4. "Il cerchio della vita" ("The Circle of Life"-The Lion King)-Carola

5. "Tutti quanti voglion fare il jazz" ("Everybody Wants to Be a Cat"-Aristocats)-Giuliano Palma

6. "Una stella cade" ("When You Wish Upon a Star"-Pinocchio)-Nina Zilli

7. "All'alba sorgerò" ("Let It Go"-Frozen)-Karima

8. "Supereroi in Sanfransokyo" ("The Streets of San Fransokyo"-Big Hero 6)-Moreno

9. "Romeo" ("Thomas O'Malley Cat"-Aristocats)-Francesco Sarcina

10. "Cam camini" ("Chim Chim Cher-ee"-Mary Poppins)-Il Cile

11. "Posso farcela" ("Go the Distance"-Hercules)-Andrea Nardinocchi

12. "Supercalifragilistic-espiralidoso" ("Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"-Mary Poppins)-Kutso