Frank Moyo Opens Up About EP Waves

MNGBlog recently had the pleasure of interviewing Frank Moyo, a super talented up-and-coming singer-songwriter based out of Toronto.

Waves is the 23-year-old's solo debut. Through genuine lyrics, Moyo delivers an honest view of how he perceives the world around him.

"It took many shapes but the final cut of 'Waves' is an E.P. that shows my progression as a songwriter and lyricist," he said.

Moyo discusses Waves track by track for MNGBlog in the video below. Check it out and leave a comment if you're loving the EP!

Read Frank's interview with MNGBlog here. The EP is now available to stream and download on platforms like Bandcamp and Apple Music.

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Twitter: @FrankMoyoMusic

Instagram: @frankmoyomusic

Facebook: Frank Moyo Music