Get to Know L.A.'s David and The Curse

Just in case you were wondering, David and The Curse is the next great American rock band rising out of the West Coast.

The band's front man David Stücken, who has played alongside bands such as TSOL and Social Distortion, is currently being recognized as "the West Coast Ryan Adams with a Los Angeles twist." A singer-songwriter/producer and musician who has been writing and performing since he was 12 years old, Stücken's latest endeavor just might be his best yet.

For many people, music is medicine. It's love and passion. It's a way to celebrate, heal, and sort out feelings. It makes the best company in the depths of loneliness and sadness, and it's a way to deal with life. Stücken has had music running through his veins his entire life, with an interest beginning "As soon as I could talk," he said. "Probably even before. My mom says she used to play music for me when I was in her belly." For David, " what gets me through troubled times," he admitted. "My whole life music has been therapy. Whether it's listening to it or playing it or writing it. It's therapy."

Influenced by Eagles member-turned-solo-artist Don Henley, blues singer Lightnin' Hopkins, and legendary rock bands like The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Stücken pens his autobiographical lyrics with revealing honesty, touching on a wide range of emotions and life experiences.  As for the comparison that is being drawn between him and Ryan Adams, he said, "It's cool. I think the comparison comes from constantly writing and self-producing my own music." 

However, David certainly holds his own as a songwriter and musician. When asked to describe his unique musical style in three words, he said: "Refinement, truth, attitude." Those three words perfectly describe David and The Curse's new single "She Loves the Night," a fantastic demonstration of the electrifying excitement that the band has to offer their listeners. A rock anthem, "She Loves the Night" is the first single to be released from the band's debut album and will absolutely leave you wanting more. There's even a music video on the way. "It's a rock 'n roll video shot in downtown LA featuring our friend, GUESS model Kristiana Sleshenger," Stücken told MNGBlog. Look out for it soon.

David wrote and produced An Epitaph For Love, the band's debut album, which tells stories related to the search for love and happiness from the viewpoint of an anti-hero. While the title of the record “echoes my never-ending desire to find deep love despite having lost love in the past,” he said, through the album he hopes to impact listeners in the same way that he has been by songs from other artists. "I want people to hear the truth to this record. I hope that listeners identify with the songs as I identify with my favorite songs," he confessed. "To me, the confluence of songwriting and the music are key to every great song. An Epitaph For Love blends new elements of music with the classic influences I grew up listening to."

An Epitaph For Love is scheduled for release during the early part of 2017, but in the meantime, check out "She Loves the Night" on digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify. Catch David and The Curse on Friday, November 18 at historic restaurant, bar, and live music venue El Cid.

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