Guytano Releases Debut Album I Am Inside My Body

With vibes that are being compared to Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and the Fray, four-member alt-rock band Guytano is already making waves in the industry. Today marks the release of their debut album I Am Inside My Body.

Originally set to make their debut with an EP, the band decided to release a full-length after inspiration struck: "We recorded three songs in Mid-2015 and then new material just started flowing out of us, so we decided to hold off releasing an EP and add an additional seven songs to make it a full-length album," the band said. "In the end, we had an amazing time writing and recording this. What could be better than hanging out with your best friends, playing music until 3am, sleeping on the floor, and eating cold pizza! It was just complete good vibes."

Although its membersbrothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton, Jack Hebert, and Isaac Hesseare teenagers, the band's sound is seriously well-developed. Recorded with Aaron Ankrum (Grayshot) and Huntley Miller (Bon Iver), I Am Inside My Body showcases an impressive maturity and features radio-ready singles that will leave you wanting more.

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

"Fall Back In Your Arms," the first single released from the album, is a definite stand-out and an MNGBlog must-listen. "'Fall Back' was born out of a painful time of loss and contemplation," Guytano explained. "It represents so much of what was happening and what was occupying our head space. It was a labor of love. We spent months trying to put together the pieces of this song, and then suddenly it came together one night. It was like no other song we had written or have since. It was emotionally draining but so gratifying." Listen to the audio here and make sure you check out the full album, available now on all music platforms including iTunes.

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