5 Songs We Love from 5 of the Big Artists of Sanremo 2016

Italy's famed Festival di Sanremo starts tomorrow...and we couldn't be more excited! Here are 5 awesome songs from 5 of the Big Artists presenting this year. Which Big Artist this year is your favorite? Comment below!


"# fuori c'è il sole"-Lorenzo Fragola

Lorenzo first entered the Ariston Theatre last year with "Siamo uguali" as a contestant in the Young Artist category, while "# fuori c'è il sole," featured on his debut album 1995, turned out to be a huge summer hit. This year, he returns to Sanremo in the Big Artist category with "Infinite volte" and a brand new album--Zero Gravity--scheduled for release on March 11.


"Vieni con me"-Rocco Hunt

Rapper Rocco Hunt hails from Salerno and won the Young Artist category of Sanremo 2014 with "Nu juorno buono." "Vieni con me" takes us back to a warm summer night with a sky full of stars overhead. Make sure you check out his collaborations with fellow rapper and Sanremo 2016 participant Clementino--they're dynamite!


"Ritornerò da te"-Giovanni Caccamo

Caccamo won the Young Artist category last year with this captivating song that will no doubt convert you into a fan if you're not already. This year, he will be presenting "Via da qui" alongside Deborah Iurato.


"Battito di ciglia"-Francesca Michielin

Francesca Michielin got her start at the tender age of 16 when she competed on--and won--the fifth season of Italy's X Factor in 2011. Having released her sophomore album di20 in October of 2015 and an acoustic live EP titled Nice to Meet You last month, she is guaranteed to have an amazing 2016.


"Wendy"-Dear Jack

This romantic ballad is an enchanting reinvention of the story of Peter Pan. While Dear Jack's former frontman Alessio Bernabei will be competing at the Festival as a solo act this year, the band has found a new lead singer in former X Factor Italia contestant Leiner.