Clementino's New Album Miracolo! Ultimo Round Features "Quando sono lontano"

On February 19, Neapolitan rapper Clementino released a repack of his 28-track 2015 album Miracolo! (Deluxe Edition).

Miracolo! Ultimo Round features previously released tracks from Miracolo!, including "Da che parte stai," a collaboration with the late Neapolitan singer Pino Daniele, as well as "Sotto lo stesso cielo," Lucio Dalla's famous "Caruso" re-imagined (featured on the album Bella Lucio!).

But perhaps the highlight of the entire album is Clementino's 2016 Sanremo entry "Quando sono lontano," which has touched the hearts of many (take a look at the comments on his Facebook and Twitter pages!). It was super exciting to see him take part in the Festival for the first time, where he was one of the two rappers who performed in the Big Artist category. A dedication to all those who are away from home (especially emigrants), Clementino wrote "Quando sono lontano" after a trip to New York, where he met many Italians of Neapolitan, Calabrese, and Sicilian origin.

What's your favorite track from Miracolo! Ultimo Round? Leave it in the comments below!