Catch Up on Italian Rapper Clementino's Live Shows in "Clementino Live from Space"

Known for his witty delivery, his playful personality, and for keeping his beloved Neapolitan roots at the forefront, Clementino is one of our favorite Italian rappers.

For all of our fellow Clementino fans out there, especially those who have not yet had the opportunity to see him perform live, our prayers have been answered. The MC has delivered an amazing new video that shares the best performances from his live shows this year.

Weighing in at nearly 1.5 hours, the film features energy-filled performances of favorites like “‘O vient” as well as his Sanremo 2016 entry “Quando sono lontano,” his Sanremo 2017 entry “Ragazzi fuori,” and songs from his latest album Vulcano including “Tutti scienziati” and “La cosa più bella che ho.”

Watch below!