Clementino to Perform Live in Hollywood

Clementino is performing in the U.S.!

As one of Italy's most well-known rappers, Clementino has become famous (and loved) for performing in both the Italian language and Neapolitan dialect. On the scene for years, turning out hits like "O' vient" and "O' mar e o' sole," he achieved a kind of viral success in 2015 with the addicting track "Cos cos cos" and last year competed in Italy's Sanremo music festival for the first time with the heartfelt "Quando sono lontano."

On the heels of Sanremo 2017, during which the rapper competed with the song "Ragazzi fuori," Clementino has made his way to Los Angeles to take part in the 12th edition of the Los Angeles, Italia-Film, Fashion and Art Fest. Running this year from February 19-25, the annual week-long festival precedes the Academy Awards and draws an artistic bridge between Italy and Hollywood through the celebration of music, movies, and more. On Friday, Clementino will receive the "L.A. Italia Excellence Award" and tomorrow, February 22, the rapper will perform live for the first time in Hollywood at the Hard Rock Cafe in honor of the Oscar nominees. Entry is free.

Saturday's events include a special screening of the Cosimo Alemà-directed film Zeta, in which Clementino makes a cameo, at the Chinese Theatre. Zeta delves into the world of Italian hip-hop and rap while following three friends and their sacrifices, dreams, and love for rap. The film also features appearances by Rocco Hunt, J-Ax, and others.

In case you missed it, check out Clementino's Sanremo 2017 entry "Ragazzi fuori" here and here. For the full schedule of Los Angeles, Italia events click here.

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