6 Anthems We Love from Girls Around the World

Today is International Women's Day and there's no better way to celebrate than with this list of empowering anthems from some of our favorite female singers from around the world!

"Creo en Mí"-Natalia Jiménez

Natalia!!!! With an extremely powerful message, "Creo en Mí" is an inspirational and triumphant dedication to all those who are going through a trying period in their lives. It brings hope and the reminder that better days are on their way.


"Ain't Got Far To Go"-Jess Glynne

We heart England's Jess Glynne! Featured on her debut album I Cry When I Laugh, "Ain't Got Far To Go" is a soulful pop song about believing in yourself and moving past the obstacles in your path. Seriously, how awesome is that chorus?!?


"Beauty Never Lies"-Bojana Stamenov

In a society where there is still so much emphasis placed on physical beauty, Bojana Stamenov's 2015 Eurovision entry promotes self-love and the importance of embracing your unique you.


"Fanfarrón"-Fanny Lu

Tell that fool to get lost! Fanny Lu's "Fanfarrón" reinforces the fact that a woman's worth is not found in the arms of a man and will have you singing along in no time.


"Born This Way"-Lady Gaga

Remember when this song seemed like it was the only song on the radio? Now we know for sure that it will never get out of style. Lady Gaga has proven time and time again that she is a supporter of women's and LGBT rights, and we especially admire her courage to stand up and give a voice to sexual assault victims everywhere at this year's Oscars.


"Warrior"-Nina Sublatti

This Lady Gaga-esque Georgian artist is fierce! A compelling feminist anthem, "Warrior" was one of our favorite entries from last year's Eurovision Song Contest and will always remain a permanent fixture on our playlist.

What are some of your favorite anthems? Leave them in the comments below!!