Alexandra Amor's "You Fool" Will Touch Your Heart

Alexandra Amor's latest release finds her doing what she does best: showing her audience profound vulnerability.

"'You Fool' is a heartbreak story," Alexandra told MNGBlog. "You give your all to someone, your most vulnerable parts that make you who you are and they throw it in the trash like a half eaten funnel cake at Coney Island...the funnel cake YOU paid for might I add. No but really, this song is written as if its the little voice of reason in your head, the second guessing thoughts as you're hanging out with the person you know is WRONG for you...".

Amor's lyrics in "You Fool" appeal to the conflict that often occurs between head and heart in matters of love, resounding throughout the body, touching the heart, and plowing right through to the soul. She explained : "'Along the way along the way, you fool, I ain't loving you.' I'm speaking to myself like damn...I LOVED this person, but 'I never thought I'd see the day, you'd make me a fool...' it's the anthem you sing before you move on from a relationship that wasn't meant for knew you were a fool...but WE ARE fools, us hopeless romantics...we're fools until we get it right. Fool on Fool."

As Amor alluded to earlier, the nostalgic video for "You Fool" was filmed in Brooklyn and perfectly matches the mood of the song. "I LOVE Brooklyn," she said. "Filming on Coney Island was awesome man...especially when we stopped filming for a quick ice cream break (check it out in the video). The best part of Coney Island aside from the beach view and atmosphere...the park food!!!"

Amor is joined in the video by fellow artist Xavier White. "Xavier and I go back, so it was awesome to reconnect and hear about what he's doing now," she said. "The conversations were filled with advice and future plans. He was the perfect lead for this video."

Her favorite part of filming? "My performance shot against the brick wall and nothing on but a fur coat. I felt so Hollywood glam...that moment you know you might see your ex so you get EXTRA saucy ;)."

MNGBlog recently had the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra Amor. Check it out here.

"You Fool" is now available on iTunes and Spotify. Head to for details on Amor's upcoming performances, and follow her on social media for all her latest updates.

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