WHM Playlist Series: Alexandra Amor

Musical Notes Global wraps up its Women's History Month playlist series this week with an awesome one from soulful songstress Alexandra Amor. Her top picks span the decades, all the way from the 1960s to today. Check out her choices and the reasons why she loves them below.



Playlist: Women's History Month

1. "Leader of the Pack"-The Shangri-Las

"Classic, need I say more."


2. "By Your Side"-Sade

"Besides Sade's melodic voice captivating you..the meaning & emotion the lyrics embody...celebrating being strong yet a sensitive, caring woman, touch base on all 5 senses when you're in love. Really, in love...I get lost in this record. 'By Your Side' will play at my wedding...one day."


3. "You Don't Own Me"-Lesley Gore

"Amongst one of the first women in the 60's to stand up for being more than just a pretty face...round of applause to you Lesley."


4. "Mama"-Alexandra Amor

"A song I wrote about all the wise words my mother, Bonnie Amor, would tell me growing up...'Always mind your Ps & Qs'."


5. "Girl on Fire"-Alicia Keys

"Pre show song ritual, makes me proud to be a female entrepreneur and female artist in this world. Love Alicia!"


6. "Flawless"-Beyoncé

"Part of the movement!!! #GirlPower


7. "You're So Vain"-Carly Simon

"As the beautiful strong women we are, we all have that one self centered ex that made us realize how much better of a human we were without them. An ode to all the boys out there that need to grow a pair."


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