My Playlist: Natalie Shay

London has birthed many emerging artists into the music industry, but none are quite like Natalie Shay.

A multi-award winning indie pop-rock artist, Shay is taking the world by storm. Her uplifting vocals, strong harmonies, enchanting lyrics, and astounding vocal range envelop themselves around her music, especially in her singles “Yesterday” and “Whole of Me.”

The two tracks tell a story of a relationship that didn’t work out but from two different perspectives. “Yesterday”’s upbeat ambiance contrasts to “Whole of Me”’s melancholic one, yet both songs carry themselves with confidence and sadness over the loss of something Shay wanted so badly.

The British singer’s music has been inspired by many songs in the years spanning her life and career. To help us continue our Women’s History Month celebration, today Natalie shares a playlist of songs that either inspired her or represented important parts of her life. Check it out below!

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The theme to this playlist is a mixture of songs that have inspired my music but also songs that have represented parts of my life and really stand out to me. Here’s why; 

1. “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”- Belinda Carlisle 

I chose this song as it’s honestly one of my favourite songs ever. I first heard this song through one of my favourite films ever- Wild Child. I cannot fault the writing of this song, but most of all the production. This track is the main inspiration for productive on my most recent releases, I think it’s timeless.

2. “Father & Daughter” - Paul Simon 

This song didn’t inspire my recent releases specifically as much, however this song has definitely inspired my writing throughout my life. I discovered this song when I bought my dad the ‘Surprise’ album in 2006, growing up this was always “our song”. I think it’s lyrically beautiful, just a fantastic underrated song. 

3. “The Garden Rules” - Snow Patrol

This was another of my favourite songs growing up. Snow Patrol have influenced my writing heavily, I’ve listened to hours of their material and have taken influence from them greatly. This song has always stood out for me. I wish more people knew it. 

4. “Fearless” - Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift will always be the reason I began music. The Fearless album was the catalyst for my entire career. I literally taught myself to play acoustic guitar along to an easy learning guitar book for this album. The way Taylor writes her choruses and addresses her song subject are something I try to match in every song I write.

5. “The Driveway” - Miley Cyrus 

This was the first proper album I ever had. There’s a specific age group of girls that whenever I meet, also seem to know this entire album off by heart. I’m not sure why more people don’t know these songs as every single song on this album is a banger. 

6. “We Get On” - Kate Nash 

Kate Nash was another huge influence on me starting music. This was one of the first songs I ever used to cover and sing around primary school. I love the way Kate Nash tells a story through her lyrics and really shows her personality, this again is something I like to do when I write. 

7. “Forever” - HAIM

This album completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of production. This has been the reference track for production and mixing on my two most latest singles. It’s a masterpiece. 

8. “The Blur, The Line & The Thickest of Onions “- Little Comets 

Listen to the lyrics. That’s all I can say. 

9. “Touch Me” - Spring Awakening 

It may be from a musical but it’s still a brilliantly written song. The chorus is memorable and the lyrics are touching. I love the production and arrangement on this entire musical, I think this really influences my style. 

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