Guytano is the New Alt-Rock Band You Need to Know About

Four-piece alt-rock band Guytano is destined for something special. After listening to their debut album I Am Inside My Body, Musical Notes Global had to learn more about them. The Minnesota-based band dished about how they got started, their hopes for the future, and that remarkable new album.

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

Comprising members Jack Hebert, Isaac Hesse, and brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton, Guytano leaves the impression that they have been in the industry for years, their passion for music clearly exuding through every song they sing. "[Music] gave us a feeling and a rush that was unlike any other before," Grant Hamilton, the band's lead vocalist, told MNGBlog. "We all met around sixth grade and started making music the day after—and we haven’t really stopped playing since."

The band played cover songs when they started out as the Grizzly's—"I think our first big gig was a ‘battle of the bands’ at a local college. We were about 11 and Eddie could hardly reach the end of the bass neck!" Hamilton recalled—but they soon grew out of the name that had helped them break onto the scene. "About a year ago, we realized we needed a name we could build a band around and we settled on Guytano," he said. "There’s more to the naming story but I’ll save the details for next time."

Over the course of just a few years, the band’s metamorphosis is stunning, and they have transitioned from playing cover songs to writing their own music and solidifying their image as Guytano. Hamilton explained: "I sort of stumbled upon writing music, to be honest. When I first started, my initial thought was to make hip-hop beats. Then it progressed into making songs for the band. I thought making songs for the band was much more difficult so it took much longer to perfect and find our sound."

I Am Inside My Body

I Am Inside My Body

Guytano's impressively well-developed sound is an amalgam of their influences, which include rock bands like Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and The Killers. While one can certainly hear those similarities between Guytano and the bands that inspire them, their debut album, I Am Inside My Body, showcases that certain something that has quickly put them on the path to stardom. About the album's development, the group explained: "It was about a two-year writing process, but the majority of it we wrote last year from September to December. We first recorded three songs in July of 2015, and then from September to December of that year we had a burst of inspiration and another seven songs were written. We recorded the additional songs in February of 2016. It’s been a long process and we are so excited to share our music with everyone!" Read more about I Am Inside My Body here. The album is available now on all music platforms.

"Send Me Something," an MNGBlog top pick and the second single to be released from the album, is a moving track with deep lyrics that speak to the need to discern what's fact from fiction as we move through life. "'Send Me Something’ started with a guitar strumming pattern that actually became the drumbeat to the intro of the song," the band explained. "It sat for about a month, close to being done then was quickly finished up in another session of inspiration. It's definitely our favorite song to play live."

Hamilton pointed out that his favorite song from the album is "When It’s Over" and explained: "I feel like a lot of songs come and go but this one I think will always mean something to me. I’m glad it came out the way it did, because there's an element of songwriting that's just luck, and we definitely got lucky with how this one came out."

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

IMAGE CREDIT: Guytano Magno Photography

For the moment, the band is enjoying the love they have been receiving for their debut effort. "Right now, we are just amazed at the outpouring of support from so many people," they stated. "From radio stations, to music magazines to new fans from all over the country. We are so grateful and really want to say THANK YOU!"

As for upcoming shows, there’s stuff in the works, including a mid-year tour. "We’re hoping to play as many places as we can," they said. We have a feeling that they'll be selling out shows around the country before they know it.

Be sure to follow Guytano on social media for all their latest updates and check out these fun facts they told MNGBlog:

Jack: I love wearing my grandfather’s clothing

Grant: I’m super good at breakfast

Eddie: I am the best looking dancer in the band

Isaac: I am a sneakerhead and Vans are my specialty


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