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Husband and wife Nicholas and Cara YaƱez, better known as Get Along, have been creating music together since 2012. Based in Colorado, the pair, who met in high school, fuses synth-punk, rock and soul, and in their new EP Let My People Go, touches of gospel.

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Released on September 22, the duo recorded Let My People Go at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO. "It's this quirky, giant, older house with a lot of land around it and a little lake nearby," Nick said about the studio. "It's a great, quiet place to make a record (or EP) and we've known our producers Glenn and Rich for a few years and consider them friends. Being able to live at the studio for a few days at a time with people you're totally comfortable around is really invaluable when working on something so important - especially when you have a kid with you. The ability to record but also comfortably care for our daughter all in the same place is a huge blessing."

Get Along's sound is the stuff of dreams and, along with deep, liberating lyrics, the five tracks included on the EP tell a powerful story that encourages listeners to follow their destiny and to be true to themselves. "The overall message we wish to convey is this:" Cara explained, "Everyone was made with a specific purpose in mind but so few of us actually step into our calling. We hope that this EP will not only inspire people to step into their destiny but will also comfort them through the process. Becoming who you were made to be is not always easy-it can come with a wide array of emotions and struggles, but it IS always worth it in the end."

Opening strong with the compelling "Death of a Death Metal Band," another highlight on the EP is "Let My People Go I," which Nick acknowledges is also his favorite track. "It was the song that took the most time and energy to finish," he revealed. "We'd had the melody and first verse written before our daughter was born (she'll be three this December). And then it was just kind of stagnant. We couldn't figure out what to do with this fantastic verse and melody. And we didn't want to mess it up, because we felt it had a lot of potential. But we kept coming back to it and ended up building our entire EP around it. I feel it was our biggest accomplishment of the five tracks and the song that will grow on listeners the most."

Indeed, "Let My People Go I" is absolutely gorgeous. A stimulating, marching beat combined with Cara's vulnerable vocals allows this track to inspire and touch the listener on a deeply emotional level.



With its unique blend of sounds and styles, Let My People Go is perfect for those looking to taste something new. Download or stream it now on digital music platforms.

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