Husband-Wife Duo Get Along Talks New Single "Death of a Spirit Animal" with MNGBlog

Comprising Nicholas and Cara YaƱez, Get Along creates a unique brand of indie dance-punk that carries a message. The husband-wife duo, who met in high school, have been making music since 2012 and today they release their latest single titled "Death of a Spirit Animal."

The stirring track is an audible emotional release that speaks to a specific life-changing moment in time. "We wanted to write a song that well represented a 'moment of clarity'," Get Along told Musical Notes Global about the track. "A turning point in ones life, if you will. We've certainly had those moments, and we figure most people have too. We also wanted to be sure that the song musically expressed that, not just lyrically. Which meant a bit of grittiness was required - because these things are usually a little messy. It also needed a free format in the arrangement - because coming to crossroads in your life never fits into a neat format. It's different for everyone."

"Death of a Spirit Animal" is the first single to be released from their upcoming EP, which, although it is yet to be given a title, will instill listeners with an insightful, inspiring message. "The generally about turning your life around. But not so much in the sense of 'fixing' oneself," they explained. "It's more about finding your calling; your purpose. It's a spiritual journey. It's not something that's easily put on to paper but we as people strongly believe every person has a destiny and it is our goal to assure people of that fact through our music."

The track seems to perfectly and fully embody the powerful overall significance of, and intentions behind, the soon-to-be-released collection. It's "...the moment of realization. It's the sudden shift that takes place and makes you want to be the person you were made to be. It's like wandering around seeking shelter in the wilderness for twenty years. Then all of the sudden, for no particular reason, the voice of God comes roaring out of a waterfall or something and tells you which way to go," the duo said. "And from that point on you just know - things aren't like they were before. But as comforting and freeing as that can be, there's this sense of uncertainty about the future. You know you're on the right path, but you don't know what that means for tomorrow. That's basically where the song leaves you."

Get Along also released an accompanying music video for the track that demonstrates the natural beauty of Monument, Colorado, the town where they met and grew up. And they went on a little adventure in the process of filming. "When we were growing up, we used to play with friends in these Aspen groves at the base of a nearby mountain. So we thought it would be cool to go back there after not seeing it for probably 8-or-so-years, and shoot our first real music video," they said. "Of course a lot changes in nearly a decade. It turned out that the land was closed off from all motor vehicles. We drove in anyway, hauling all the equipment in between two vehicles. We set up and shot as quickly as possible. We eventually got kicked out by a firefighter, but had gotten almost all the footage we needed. We were able to shoot the rest of the video on Cara's parent's ranch - which is where we were married. So it ended up being two really sentimental locations in the video."

Tonight the pair will celebrate the release of their new single during a show at Denver's Lost Lake Lounge, where they will be joined by the bands Church Fire, Signs and Signals, and Specific Ocean.

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