Premiere: Return For Refund's New Single "What Were Their Names"

Toronto-based rock band Return For Refund is captivating audiences with their high energy performances and commanding rhythms. Blending blues, metal, and alt-rock into one dynamic, definitive sound, the quartet is creating the music that they want to hear. And listeners are loving them for it.

Today Return For Refund premieres their latest single "What Were Their Names" with Musical Notes Global. Extracted from their upcoming EP Lift You Up, "What Were Their Names" is a powerful track with profound and honest lyrics that explores the question of what happens to our legacies when we're gone.

"A few years back I became obsessed with the idea of being remembered and its futility. I think for a lot of artists, and once upon a time for myself, creating became a way to attempt immortality, as if I would somehow live on after death through my work," Drew, the band's frontman, explained. "But the whole idea of immortality is asinine. Everyone is eventually forgotten. Nothing changes that—not having kids, not writing masterpieces. Believing otherwise doesn't justify our shitty behavior either. Unfortunately, it seems when people become obsessed with the Holy Grail of immortality, it's their present, and the people in it, that often suffer."

Recognizing that their true magic lies in their raw, energetic performances (anyone who has attended one of the band's shows knows this to be true), Return For Refund recorded Lift You Up live-off-the-floor, bringing that organic electricity of a live show directly to listeners, wherever they may be.

The band is also announcing their Canadian spring tour, which will kick off in their hometown with a release show for Lift You Up on March 25. Check out the full list of dates below.

Lift You Up is available for pre-order here. Follow Return For Refund on social media:


Instagram: @returnforrefund

Twitter: @R4Rband