My Playlist: Scrub and Ace Ha

Hip hop duo Scrub and Ace Ha have just wrapped up their super funky and innovative "Plastic Rock" YouTube video series and show no signs of stopping. St. Louis native and MC Scrub, the brilliant voice and lyricist of the duo, curated a playlist of songs just for Musical Notes Global that have influenced him over the course of his career and his current work with producer Ace Ha. Listen below!

Joe Cocker at Woodstock

"‘Feeling Alright’ is one of the songs we flipped for the Plastic Rock series and I always really liked Joe Cocker’s version. I have also always enjoyed his performance from Woodstock because its simultaneously dope and hilarious."


"Call Me the Breeze"-JJ Cale

"JJ Cale is an unsung hero of Classic rock. He penned this song, After Midnight, Cocaine and more that were made famous by other artists. I’ve always preferred his sloppy lo-fi versions."


"Devil’s Haircut"-Beck

"Beck has been a big influence on me in not only sound, but taking risks. This isn’t necessarily one of my favorites from him, but I love the simplicity and retro vibe of the video."


"Fight for Your Right"-Beastie Boys

"Again, this is nowhere close to my favorite song from the Beasties, but it still stands up as one of the greatest music videos of all time. I love their style and animation. They were masters."


"Take Warning"-Operation Ivy

"Not a genre I’m extremely well versed in, but this album does remind me of Skateboarding culture when I was young and all the music and art that spawned from the pioneers, such as these guys."


"No Vaseline"-Ice Cube

"Best diss record ever in my opinion. Cube is a verified genius in my book and I will never get tired of his delivery which drips with confidence."


"Green River"-Creedence Clearwater Revival

"If we’re talking classic rock, I’ve got to give a shout to Creedence. Not the most amazing band musically speaking, but if I had to play a record that sounded like where I grew up, this might be it."


"Subterranean Homesick Blues"-Bob Dylan

"The first great rapper, Dylan can write a compelling story or deliver something like this where each line can hold its own concept. I still study his catalogue and I’m always amazed."


"Evil Ways"-Santana

"Still one of my favorite groups. the man and his band are impossibly funky. Also, they’re on LSD in this performance and seem to be enjoying themselves [quite] a bit."


"Feel Right"-Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal

"The James Brown of Hip Hop. And I’ve been a big fan of Ronson’s production since the Amy Winehouse record. So, play this one loud."

"This playlist touches briefly on the wide variety of influences we sometimes draw from. I still listen to a wide range of music and I really like incorporating an element from one style into another where it seemingly doesn't belong. This is just a small sampling of some of the artists who’ve been on repeat in my speakers over the years."—Scrub

For more on Scrub and Ace Ha, check out their five-part "Plastic Rock" series, which reinvents classic rock songs by integrating boombap beats and thought-provoking modern lyrics. Musical Notes Global also recently had the pleasure of interviewing the duo. Read it here.

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