Gothic Tropic Talks New Album Fast or Feast with MNGBlog

Gothic Tropic is the new musical project of Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and musician Cecilia Della Peruti, one of the top artists to keep an eye on this year.

Having developed her guitar chops while touring with Børn and Charlie XCX—she's a totally brilliant guitarist, btw—Della Peruti set out on this solo project to satisfy a craving. "I started it as a solo creative outlet while pursuing session playing," she explained. "I used to play shows by myself on guitar and a loop station, with the sole purpose of improvising live."

Her debut album Fast or Feast is out today. "The album is about duality, and balance and reconciliation," Della Peruti told Musical Notes Global. "The music and the messages embrace both extremes." Laced with the sparkling effervescence of California pop intermingled with edgy indie rock, the 10-track guitar-driven collection should be listened to from start to finish in order to fully appreciate its psychedelic magnificence.

Included on Fast or Feast is "Your Soul, the fourth and most recent single to be released from the album. A celestial pop-infused track, "It's about reconnecting with an old flame who you can see right through despite their best effort to present a 'new and improved' ex," she explained. "Since Los Angeles was the setting for the relationship, there are a lot of references to the darker LA that I know."

Also among the must-listen tracks on Fast or Feast is "Chemical Trail," which Della Peruti said she is especially partial to. Deliciously rhythmic, "it was one of the songs I wrote last/most recently," she said. "I sourced some of the ideas from a song I wrote when I was 18, so it was cool to finally give a home to those parts. I'm proud of the lyrics."

Listen to Fast or Feast now via your favorite digital music platform.

Want to see Gothic Tropic in action? If you're in Europe, you're in luck! She will be touring Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK through the rest of May and will play a show in Los Angeles on June 6. Check out the full list of dates here.

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