My Playlist: The Running Lights

Formed in 2015 by frontman Mike Squillante with his brother Nick and friend Steve Ranellone, New York trio The Running Lights are quickly winning fans with their solid brand of pop/rock. Fresh off the release of their addicting single "Once Upon a Time," they are now gearing up to drop a new EP. Today the band shares some of their favorite songs and the reasons why they love them in an exclusive playlist for Musical Notes Global. Check it out below!

"Somebody Else" - The 1975

"This one really tugs at your soul. It's so relatable and the groove is infectious when it kicks in."


"Done With Love" - Zedd

"It's such a killer combo of EDM and songwriting that it's hard not to love it. And Zedd proves he's a true musician with his arrangement of synth and percussion."


"80's Films" - Jon Bellion

"The unconventional rhythms underneath a glistening pop melody really make your ears perk up. There's a nostalgic vibe to it as well; everybody misses the 80's, even if they weren't alive yet."


"Faint of Heart" - The Strike

"Just rock enough to be badass, just lush enough to hit you in the heart. Super cool track. This is how you to up-tempo rock n' roll in 2017."


"Summer Clothes" - Marc Scibilia

"Here's one where simplicity makes the whoever's listening smile about a lost love situation that was once painful. The ultimate closure song."


"She's American" - The 1975

"The writing is intellectual for those who wanna look deeper. The groove is unmistakeable for those who just wanna move to it. Super well-rounded song, not to mention the retro productions is VERY pleasing to the ear. Synth toms."


"Versace On The Floor" - Bruno Mars

"Chords. Chords. Chords. Add melody. You've got a powder-keg of a song. The subject matter is innocent to the point that anyone listening feels like they should be way more carefree about life. Bruno's stuff seems to always have that quality and this particular track is no exception."


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