Concert Preview: The New Up to Play Brooklyn's Union Hall May 18

Spring is in full force and there's no better way to combat spring fever than to enjoy a concert in the city.

Fresh off the release of their new album Tiny Mirrors, San Francisco-based duo The New Up—Noah Reid and ES Pitcher—will bring their tour to Brooklyn's Union Hall on May 18. Although they've previously played in Brooklyn at venues like Southpaw and Trashbar, next Thursday's show will mark the first performance for the pair at the 5,000 square foot bar/restaurant and venue Union Hall: "...we've never played at Union Hall specifically," they said, "we're looking forward to it."

Tiny Mirrors, which dropped in February, follows three previously self-released EPs and a full-length album. Collaborating for the first time with an outside producer, Jack Frost, the duo explores a more electronic rock sound with their sophomore release than they were previously known for. Politically charged yet introspective, the album speaks to listeners through humming synths, fierce vocals, and conscious lyrics and serves as a mighty reminder that we, as individuals, are in control of our own lives.  "We want people to be empowered to take life into their own hands and not wait for someone else to make it into what they want it to be," they told Musical Notes Global.

At this historic moment in time that sees the country divided in a way that feels almost irreparable, the duo acts as a voice of encouragement with their new work, advocating for the unification of self and of society. "There are so many ways that people are dividing themselves into tiny little segments, when the real promise of our species is fulfilled when we work together. The songs are meant to not only remind you of the range of emotions you might feel on any given day, week, month, year, etc., but to take you through that range of emotions and give you a blueprint of how they can all lead to self-realization and self-actualization," they said. "It's a manifesto for self-empowerment with a tough backbone, meant to identify with people's despair at the current state of the world and draw out the hope that they need to overcome it."

Recording Tiny Mirrors over the past year and a half was a special experience for the duo that saw them through numerous obstacles and significant events in their personal lives, including the death of several friends and the birth of their daughter. "The solitude that recording affords artists is really alluring, it's a safe space to fully explore your creativity and be in the presence of others with a singular goal," they said about the recording process. "We usually end up recording in places that are surrounded by beautiful nature, and even though when you're in the studio you're so engrossed and there are typically no windows, it's still inspiring to know that natural beauty is surrounding you, and to be able to take breaks periodically and walk outside." However, they also noted the importance of being surrounded by fellow musicians and producers while in the studio: "We make meals together, discuss the state of the world, share in frustration, joy, loneliness, boredom, creativity, laughs, and dread together, and experience just about every emotion possible together. It's like being in a war together with someone, really, because no one else can possibly imagine what you've been through together at the end of it all."

This tour has already brought The New Up to cities like Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and following their show on May 18 in Brooklyn, they will head to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. "While there are so many difficult aspects of touring, there are also so many great aspects as well," they told Musical Notes Global. "Although the camaraderie when you tour with your bandmates is pretty amazing, the act of actually getting on stage and performing night after night is usually pretty exhilarating and thrilling. The interaction with fans makes it a unique experience and when you're on stage and you're really in the moment, there is no other feeling that can possibly match it. You literally leave your body and often have moments where you don't know where you were for a minute or two."

After experiencing one of their shows, attendees can expect to walk away wholly satisfied and invigorated. "We hope they have a flood of complex emotions, ranging from 'holy shit that band was amazing and I have to tell everyone I know about them and bring them all to the next show they do here' to 'I feel like I can go out and conquer the hopelessness that this world can sometimes inspire inside me'," they expressed. "We also want them to feel things that they can't put their finger on because they are so deep inside and powerful that no words can do them justice. Sort of like the rush you get after riding a rollercoaster or jumping from a plane."

Meet The New Up in the video below as they personally invite you to their must-see show on Thursday, May 18.

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