Drop The Gun Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Drop The Gun is the new moniker of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sara Savery. Best known as a member of Brooklyn/Copenhagen-based collective Blue Foundation, she was also a member of the neo-shoegaze band Ghost Society and electronica group People Press Play.

This past Friday, Drop The Gun released her glamorous self-titled debut EP. Written, recorded, and produced by Savery and mixed by Blue Foundation's lead singer and founder Tobias Wilner, Drop the Gun expresses the Danish-born artist's influences and experiences living in New York. The seven-track collection is a pristine demonstration of her keen ability to speak to her listeners through shimmering yet vulnerable vocals, which are delivered over dreamy melodies and laid back electronic beats.

Drop the Gun includes Savery's debut single "Deeper" as well as the more recent "All I Want." Shimmering and lush, "'All I Want' was originally an instrumental track that I had been working on," she explained. "I then started singing along to it kinda like a jam. It was sort of just like an outburst of emotions that became a really good fit I guess. I had been listening to a lot of different music styles stretching from old soul music, Indonesian drum groups, Kanye West to Damien Jurado. The inspiration is all in there." Listen below.

Drop the Gun tracklist:

  1. "All I Want"
  2. "Weeknd"
  3. "Man Talk" (interlude)
  4. "Shaking Ground"
  5. "Get It On"
  6. "Deeper"
  7. "Ways to Forget"

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Facebook: facebook.com/DroptheGunOfficial

Instagram: @dropthegun