Lily McQueen Releases Glittering New Album Electric Love

Los Angeles-based pop goddess Lily McQueen has delivered an absolutely perfect new album for summer.

Electric Love is McQueen's debut album. Following in her signature '80s electro/glam-rock style, it's sparkling, shimmering, and dreamy, and tells stories of longing and heartache through powerful songwriting that goes straight to the heart.

From "Chasing Your Love" to "Rhythm of My Heart" to "Electric Love," each of the album's nine tracks reveal an alluring vulnerability while provoking nostalgic memories, and maybe even daydreams, of summer nights that were or perhaps should have been.

Listen to the effervescent romantic title track below, which McQueen says "is about the rollercoaster of emotions you go through when you feel that spark with someone new. It's magical, exciting and terrifying all at once."

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