My Playlist: Julia Weldon

Singer-songwriter Julia Weldon is both resilient and valiant. A nationally recognized and queer musician, she triumphantly overcame a coma following a gender-affirming surgery. Her experience informed her moving new album Comatose Hope, which she just released last month.

Today Julia shares a playlist of songs that inspire her exclusively with Musical Notes Global. Listen below.

1. "Angeles"-Elliot Smith

"I chose to start with this song because Elliot Smith is a huge influence in my formative years as an angsty high school musician. And I'm also obsessed with that sad high pitched droney noise in the back of the mix, contrasted with the fast finger picking guitar."


2. "Master & a Hound"-Gregory Alan Issaakov

"This song has a similar drone / ringing throughout the track and it got me through a big breakup / influenced my songwriting on the song 'Everybody Says' off my new album."

3. "Dark Parts"-Perfume Genius

"Perfume genius issss a frickin genius. It's hard for me to choose just 1 or 2 of his songs to put on this playlist. But Dark Parts is the song that inspired and moved me to contact the Drew Morgan and ask him if he wanted to produce my next album. Luckily it worked out pretty well and this is the music that brought me to him."


4. "Right Now"-HAIM

"I love Haim so much - the way they combine different styles and are just badass lady rockstars. Their new album is so rad."


5. "Help I'm Alive"-Metric

"I could listen to this song over and over again. I love pop and rock and Metric and this song blows me away. I saw her dance around stage at Celebrate Brooklyn a few years ago and it was mesmerizing."


6. "Dancing On My Own"-Robyn

"Speaking of pop, why not add a little Robyn?!? This song is the best to dance to - whenever wherever. Usually naked in my bedroom."


7. "All Night"-Beyoncé

"WHO DOESN'T PUT BEYONCE ON THEIR PLAYLIST?!? I'm obsessed with the production on the entire album Lemonade and it influenced some of the production on my album COMATOSE HOPE. Everything about this track slays...the production, lyrics, message, her voice, effects."


8. "On the Sea"-Beach House

"This song soothes me! And all of Beach House's work moves me. I love that their albums all feel like separate cohesive works, like little worlds."


9. "Hinnom, TX"-Bon Iver

"Bon Iver's music has been a huge influence since I randomly found his music at a cd store in 2008 (when cd stores were still a big deal lol). I immediately started crying! When I was about to release my first full length album LIGHT IS A GHOST, I listened to Hinnom, TX on the train sort of obsessively. His use of ambient and atmospheric sound as well as his lyricism has impacted my understanding of production and what music is."


10. "Sleep the Clock Around -Belle and Sebastian

"This is another song that I've listened to for years. This song is beautiful and nostalgic and also so present. This song is a secret I have with myself which is why it's last on my playlist. I hope one day I can share that secret :)"


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