Get to Know Us: Vermillion Road

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Denver-based band Vermillion Road has developed a reputation for delivering high energy performances and dynamic, refreshing rock music.

Comprising Will Robison, Hunter Heurich, Logan Hileman, and Gil Leyva, the band draws inspiration from the Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver music scenes and has performed all around the U.S., taking part in major national music festivals like Vans Warped Tour and Coors Light Westward Music Showcase.

Transitioning out of the hard rock vibe that made them, Vermillion Road is now setting themselves up to win over a whole new crowd of fans by exploring the world of pop with the release of their new single "Only One." Compelling and drum-driven, the track is a banging anthem that integrates synths and production with live instrumentation while maintaining the band's electrifying signature sound.

Vermillion Road told Musical Notes Global all about their new single and more in this questionnaire-style interview. Check it out below!


Here's the scoop on our new single "Only One": We typically write about love, relationships and emotions, but with this song we shifted gears and decided to write a fun catchy anthem. “Only One” is about waking up after a crazy night of partying only to discover that everyone is gone and you’ve been deserted in a stranger’s house, wondering what happened the night before.

We're excited about the release because it brings a new direction for our band as we expand our sound with electronic and pop influences. Plus, it gives us more opportunities to connect with our fans and they are the reason why we really enjoy what we do.

We hope listeners have a good time with this song and dig the vibe of it. We sure do!

Something that fans might not know about us is several of us are actually introverts and pretty quiet and laid back. Our shows are explosive, so our fans might imagine that we are high energy 24-7…but that would be exhausting haha. Also, two of us (Hunter and Will) have a condition called Synesthesia, where we see colors when we hear music. For example, parts of songs will be experienced in different colors like red, blue or black.

We love performing live because we have amazing fans and we are addicted to feeding off their energy. Also, we feel most like ourselves when we’re on stage performing.

We love our fans because they are like family and they have been so supportive of us on this wild journey we’ve been on as Vermillion Road! We look forward to expanding our family with new fans along the way.

One day we hope to write music that will not only move people but also be able to transcend time and genres.

Stream or download "Only One" here.

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