Cooper & Gatlin Talk New Single "Break," What It's Like Working Together As Brother + Sister


Cooper & Gatlin just might become your new favorite duo.

And guess what? They’re brother and sister!

After relocating from the historic Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee to Los Angeles in 2014, they have spent the four years since perfecting their skills and their sound, which includes an amalgam of influences from The Kooks to Norah Jones.

The pair recently released their debut single “Break,” a delicious electro-acoustic anthem that delves into the aftermath of a breakup, and they sat down with Musical Notes Global to talk all about the song, what it’s like working as brother and sister, and more. Check out the interview below!

MNGBlog: How did you decide to start performing together as a duo?

C&G: We both started playing/writing music on our own when we were teenagers. Eventually we realized that we both specialized in different aspects of songwriting, so we would compliment each other really well. Also, we realized that, since we were siblings and grew up on a lot of the same music, we end up having a lot of similar ideas that work really well together.

MNGBlog: What have been some of the challenges—and some of the joys—of working together as brother and sister?

C&G: Being brother and sister, it can be easy to get under each other’s skin. Thankfully, we get along really well, so fights are few and far between and never really that bad. It’s nice knowing that even if we annoy each other sometimes, at the end of the day, we’ll always have each other’s back.

MNGBlog: Tell us about your new single “Break” Was it inspired by anything specific? What do you hope listeners take away from it?

C&G: “Break” was inspired by a not so great relationship that Gatlin was in for a little bit. Everything was perfect, and then it wasn’t. We hope our listeners can relate to this story and know that they’re not alone. Breakups suck, and we hope this song helps our listeners feel empowered.

MNGBlog: What do you have coming next and what are you most looking forward to as we approach a new year?

C&G: We’ve got another couple songs that we’e prepping for release in the new year. On top of that, we’ll be playing shows in and around the LA area. It’s super exciting to finally have music out and be playing shows, so we’d love to do that as much of that as possible.

Cooper & Gatlin also just released a stunning acoustic version of “Break.” Watch the music video below.

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