Linda Marie Fischer Reveals 5 Surprising Sources Behind Her Debut Album Arc of Love


Linda Marie Fischer has lived many lives.

The former reporter, publicist, and book publisher is now following her dreams as a singer/songwriter and artist, and recently released her debut album Arc of Love, a sweetly heartfelt collection that follows her fascination with, and reveals an insightful depiction of, the human condition.

To bring her vision to life, Fischer teamed up with co-lyricist Phil Fischer as well as award-winning composer and musician Doug Oberhamer. True to its title, the album takes listeners on a journey through the different stages of love, from new love through struggles, trials, and tribulations, and, finally, commitment.

Today she reveals some surprising sources of inspiration behind the making of Arc Love with Musical Notes Global readers. Check out what she had to say below.

5 Surprising Sources for Linda Marie Fischer's Arc of Love

Linda Marie Fischer is a singer/songwriter from New York City who has just released her first album, Arc of Love. It features 11 original easy listening/adult contemporary songs. The path to that album was a long and winding road, which looking back led to the creation of the album. While she was on that road, she thought she was merely traveling. But later she took a pebble of an idea from each place to make Arc of Love.

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Arc of Love had many muses, including one in Transylvania. I’ve always been interested in music and travel kept the spark alive. I was in restaurant in Transylvania, which was formerly a Bishop’s palace in 1703. Imagine an oar, a wheel, dried corn and goulash pots hanging on the wall with a swamp cooler to make the evening’s heat bearable and in the middle of all that were two young men, one playing a keyboard, and the other singing a Michael Bublé song, with everyone beaming. That was in 2007. Music connected strangers in a way in which a verbal language couldn’t. That night has never left me.

“Love in the Ages” is Rome’s contribution to Arc of Love. “Love in the Ages” commemorates my honeymoon in a heatwave in Rome in August 2003. The sun beat down on Italy with no mercy for the locals or the tourists. Still, the antiquities have their own life and their own power. I was struck by them and they sealed the marriage. So when you hear, “Romance among antiquities, ancients spirit dream, and lift the veil of our separateness, our hearts can’t resist, what they insist,” you know it was real. But we’re not the first newlyweds to hit the pavement in Rome. It is well worn but not worn out.

Dancing lessons in New York City gave rise to a song in Arc of Love. “Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick!” emanated from an effort by myself and my fiancé to get ready for the big day, our wedding. We signed up with a very accomplished instructor but got stuck on a few steps. Our teacher was undeterred, ever smiling in spite of all of our bumps and grinds. Finally, he locked on the phrase “slow, slow, quick, quick” on the assumption that if we didn’t learn anything, we could fake our way through the night with that. In fact, there were only a few dances requiring the expert training we had but we got a lot out of it anyway. Instead, there was funk and rock playing, so it was fun that our musical director, even without any input from us, decided funk was just the right sound for this song.

“Map of Ice”, Arc of Love’s tribute to light rock, came from New Jersey, not Iceland. I did go to Iceland. I’m sure that will generate some music somewhere along the way. With Map of Ice, I am relaying some of what it is to be a young woman facing a series of personal challenges that at the time seemed so insurmountable. At any point, I thought I’d crack through the ice of life because it was so fragile. Sometimes you have to roll the dice and bet on yourself. “Roll the dice on a map of ice, watch the numbers tumble and fall” I wish all sevens for you.

Every song in Arc of Love captures a quintessential moment in a relationship. And relationships between people are not a matter of geography. Arc of Love offers an adult contemporary/easy listening sound with driving beats to intimate ballads. Every song, from “Locking Us Forever” and “Little Words” to “Racing to the Moon” and “Trails in My Life", are meant to be thoughtful and empathetic to the real moments of life, which are universal. I’ve traveled the world and these songs are true to the human spirit everywhere.  Love is not always easy, but we get through it together. The songs are supposed to hopeful and helpful, especially to the women today.

Arc of Love can be streamed everywhere now, including SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music. Physicals CDs can be ordered through CDBaby.

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