Rainsford is "Somewhere Else"


Rainey Qualley is Rainsford, an R&B-influenced indie electropop artist and your next music obsession. The New York City-born, North Carolina-raised singer/songwriter has amassed over 2.9 million combined streams on her six-song debut EP Emotional Support Animal since its release in April.

Fast forward to November 16, Rainsford’s follow up R&B-pop single, “Somewhere Else” was released. The track, inspired by the side effects of a medication, has listeners wondering if they are in a dream or still awake, in some sort of trance.

“Dreams and the unconscious state of mind are really interesting to me. The way we string these flashes of images together to tell ourselves a story is very revealing” she said.

The dark, vintage visions this song brings makes fans feel as if they’ve been transported to the 1980s with synth and electric pop stylings. The dream-like chorus mixes old vibes with new, while Rainsford’s sultry, almost haunting vocals harmonize over the high hat and filtered electric piano.

Listen to “Somewhere Else” below!

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