UK Indie Duo Percival Elliott Talks New Single "Forever"


Comprising Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier, UK-based indie folk duo Percival Elliott will quickly capture your heart with their rich songwriting and enchanting melodies.

Naming themselves after Hite's great grandfather, the duo's sound is reminiscent of those of legendary artists like The Beatles and Jeff Buckley, a sound that's evident on their latest single "Forever."

A beautiful, whispering love song, "Forever" is absolutely captivating and hits listeners right in the tenderest part of the heart. "You look across a room, you see the love of your life, you look down and your watch has stopped," Hite said. "Is it broken? You look around the room and everything is frozen still. You go to catch your breath but you can’t. She’s still looking holding you under her spell. Your heart skips a beat, that moment is forever etched into your soul. That is exactly what ‘Forever' is about."

"Mrs Pots got it right when she sang 'Tale as old as time, True as it can be'," Carter-Brazier added. "'Forever is about eternal love. It's a love that re-writes the history books."

"Forever" is the first single from the duo's upcoming debut album Save Your Soul, which, considering the strength of the track, promises to be pretty darn epic. Although it maintains a certain genuine and heartfelt quality through its tales of love, heartbreak, and even cats told over pop, rock, and Bossa Nova styles, Sam revealed the album "is like Elton John having a dysfunctional creative meeting with The Beatles, Bryan May, and Eddie Vedder. Billy Joel and Vincent Price demand creative control after hijacking the meeting. It’s pandemonium until the tea and cakes are served." Imagine that.

So simple yet so moving, the music video that goes along with "Forever" places the pair in a row boat on a river while Hite sings and Carter-Brazier strums the guitar alongside him. "Personally I wanted to be rowed around a lake for hours," Carter-Brazier said. "It was a perfect excuse for this to happen. It was a nice cold and relaxed day for me."

"Haha yes, Sam worked me that day," Hite recalled. "Up at 5am and rowing in circles until dawn. We’ve both always loved Arundel and it’s picturesque backdrop. ‘Forevers' laid back tempo seemed to lend itself to a rowing motion. I can’t remember correctly but I believe we dragged a little boat into the studio, Sam then made me record all my vocal parts whilst pretending to row."

Be sure to look out for Save Your Soul coming soon and watch "Forever" below.

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