13 Crowns Talk New Single "Grateful" & Working with Poo Bear

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Pop group 13 Crowns is a family venture. Comprising the seven oldest siblings of the 13-member Wolfgramm familyNora, Eve, Abraham, Tihane, Isabella, Maikeli, and Heinrich the Polynesian-American band has music in their bones. Their father: Haini Wolfgramm, bassist for The Jets; their mother: Sarah, songwriter for Blush.

Interweaving R&B, soul, and hip hop into their mainstream pop sound, 13 Crowns released their latest single "Grateful" at the end of 2017. The track was written by Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd, author of hits including Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" and collaborator on Latin tracks like J Balvin's "No Hay Título."

"Poo Bear is so genuine and fun to work with," 13 Crowns told Musical Notes Global. "He took the time to learn and memorize all of our names and get to know each one of us as a band. When it comes to recording, he’s all business and works super quick. He wanted to capture the vocal right out of the gate so it seemed authentic rather than get take after take, which can wear you down and lose the feeling. He’s a perfectionist yet has a way of pulling it out of you that is fun, positive and uplifting. The Audibles, DJ and Jimmy are the producers and they were awesome to work with as well."

Inspired by a tragic experience their family endured, the track is a soulful, upbeat, and joyful tribute to life, the importance of enjoying the little things, and being grateful for what we learn and rise above on our journeys in this world.

"Grateful was inspired by an experience we went through as a family," they said. "When we were in the studio with Poo Bear...we started talking and sharing about our journey. One event had a huge impact on us and it was the unexpected passing of our little sister. She was 3 months old and died of SIDS. Her name was Sariah and she was #12 in our family. It broke our hearts and we had to pull together as a family and lean on each other. Our mom decided to open her heart to having another baby even though it meant a lot of sacrifice on her part. That baby was # 13 and was a rainbow baby. She brought us so much joy and healed our aching hearts. We will forever miss Sariah, but we can only be Grateful for the time we had with her, and for how much stronger this experience made our family. When we shared this story, it was a really tender moment in the studio. It prompted him to write the verses to Grateful right there on the spot. He’d already come up with a chorus which he showed us and we loved it. Everyone goes through life challenges and we can choose to be bitter, or be grateful and that’s the message of the song."

"Grateful" will turn any bad day into a good one with its positive message and sunny vibe. "We hope that when people hear the song, they will be inspired to find a reason to be grateful for what they’re going through, even if it’s hard or challenging," they said. "Happiness is a choice so choosing to find joy in the midst of pain, will only make us stronger and happier."

Watch "Grateful" below.

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