WHM Playlist Series: Raye Zaragoza

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Singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza is an up-and-coming voice in the music industry that needs to be heard.

The multicultural artist shares her personal experiences and thoughts through her stunning tracks, and empowers girls of all ages in the process. Raye curated a playlist for Musical Notes Global's Women's History Month celebration that includes songs by some pretty awesome female artists that have inspired her. Check out what she had to say about her picks below and listen to the playlist on Spotify.


"Chasing Highs"-FAARROW

I recently spoke on a panel on Identify & Immigration at Girlschool LA with FAARROW and immediately fell in love with them, their message, and their music! I could listen to this song on repeat all day. 


"Antiseptic Greetings"-Samantha Crain

I am a huge Samantha Crain fan! Not only because she is also part Native American, but she is such an amazing folk artist that I would love to tour with sometime. All of her songs should be on this playlist, but Antiseptic Greeting is one of my favorites. I completely relate to this song. 


"Fire Under Water"-Girl Blue

Girl Blue is a good friend of mine, and this song just speaks right to my soul. She is one of the most talented songwriters & singers I have ever met. She knows how to paint a picture with lyrics so well. 


"I Went Too Far"-AURORA

AURORA has been my favorite artist for the past few years. Every song speaks to me, and her live show is even better. I love this song because it shows so much strength and vulnerability at the same time. 


"Society"-Alice Phoebe Lou

I met Alice Phoebe Lou once, and was floored by her talent. Her voice, energy, and lyrics inspire me so much. This song is one of the most moving songs I've ever heard. It's so haunting, yet you want to listen to it over and over again. 


"Flowers on Leather"-Madison Malone

Madison Malone is a close friend of mine, and we have collaborated on a new song that is coming out! I love this new song of hers because it conveys the message that we can be both flowers & leather a the same time - both feminine & strong. 


"Trouble Comes in Threes"-Bridget Davis & The Viking Kings

This song makes me want to cry. I've listened to it on repeat for years. It really shows the idealist dreams that so many of us have, and the realization that many of them aren't all we thought they would be. There is something so beautiful, and heartbreaking about this song that I can't stop coming back to. 


Listen to Raye's full playlist on Spotify

In case you missed it, check out Raye's Women's History Month interview here to learn all about her latest single "American Dream" and more.

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