Get to Know Me: Maiya


Maiya just might become your new favorite up and coming artist.

Making her debut in 2017 with the high energy single "Sidelines," which has achieved nearly 200k streams to date on Spotify, the young singer and songwriter recently released her follow up single "No Stopping Me Now," a pop and reggae flavored dance track that's perfect for putting on full blast on those days when you need an extra shot of encouragement. Get to know Maiya and her newest hit a little better in her questionnaire-style interview with Musical Notes Global below.


Here's the scoop on my new single "No Stopping Me Now": "No Stopping Me Now" is about not giving up and getting back to the good times. There's a lot of things going on in the world and I wanted to write a song that reminds people that there is good things, amazing things in life to enjoy and live for.

After hearing the song, I hope listeners will feel empowered by my song and I hope "No Stopping Me Now" reminds them to enjoy every little good thing in life. Always push beyond the bad times as things will get better, just don't give up!

I find my greatest inspiration in other people's music. I love listening to different genres, both the new music and the oldies. Music is timeless and I love to incorporate elements of all I hear into my own music. I am also inspired by empowering and encouraging messages and I want to help spread great messages to others through my music.

Something my fans might not know about me is I love to learn about people and their cultures. I really enjoy cooking and trying new foods, and experimenting with new and different spices and ingredients when I cook.

An artist who has influenced my work is...I don't think I can pick just one. There are many artists whom I feel have inspired my music. Some of these include Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, and Adele.

I love performing live because I get to interact with the audience and I get to see the impact that my music has on people. I love it when the audience is into the performance, it makes me a better performer and helps me to deliver a better show.

In the future I hope to get signed by a label so that I can not only record and produce music but also to enable me to tour and do live shows outside of my local area too. I also hope to release more music in the coming months.

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