Identical Twins Sisters Mann Prepare to Release Debut EP

Sisters Mann.png

Alexandra and Lauren Mann are identical twins, but they're also a pretty amazing musical duo.

Writing and performing together for over a decade now, the Miami-based sisters have perfected a sound that is vibrant and genuine yet down to earth and organic. Incorporating lead singer and keyboardist Lauren's exquisite melodies and Alexandra's guitar playing and stunning harmonies, Sisters Mann whisks listeners away into a fabulous fusion of Americana, folk, and rock with a sprinkle of tropical flair. "Our sound developed from the two of us playing together," they told Musical Notes Global. "More often than not that is comprised of only vocal harmonies, guitar, and piano. Over the years we have made a point to build that arrangement into a strong base in which to build the rest of the music on. We have always wanted our audience/listeners to know that even if all the drums, bass, loops, and added instrumentation was stripped away we could still offer an organically full sound. On the influence side, our music definitely takes influence from some of our favorite groups like The Indigo Girls and Fleetwood Mac. Just like those bands we strive to have lyric driven songs that come from authentic emotions and experiences as well as melodic and rhythm driven music arrangements. And the piece that pulls our sound together is our vocal harmonies. Being identical twins really helps our vocals blend together!"

This Friday, May 18, the sisters will independently release their self-titled debut EP. "We are excited to be releasing this EP because it is a collection of songs that we have been working on for a couple years," they said. "We think this EP is a great representation of Sisters Mann's sound and our personalities. All the songs on the EP were written by us and we are ready to share our music with the world!"

Opening with the breathtaking "Sink This Ship," this five-track collection is vocally pure and emotionally engaging, and it's sure to turn heads with its compelling, relatable, and honest storytelling. "We hope listeners have fun listening to the EP and feel like they connect with the music," they said. "Our songs come from real places and mean a lot to us and we hope that we can connect with the listeners through our music. We also hope that they see the versatility of Sisters Mann's sound. We had so much fun creating this EP and we hope listeners can feel that."

"Our main message is that our music is made for everyone," they continued about the EP. "We like to think our music is inclusive rather than exclusive and is meant to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Our songs come from real authentic places within us and we hope we can connect with people through shared experiences and emotions."

Sisters Mann will soon embark on a tour to promote their new EP. For all of their latest news and updates, including upcoming tour dates, follow them on social media:


Instagram: @sistersmann