Twin Sister Duo Macedo Talks New Album Ghost Town

PHOTO CREDIT: Bobby Quillard

PHOTO CREDIT: Bobby Quillard

Sisters Michelle and Melissa Macedo are completely opposite in their personalities but share that unique bond that only twins can have.

It's a bond that's so powerful that one twin can start writing a song and the other can finish it. Learning everything they know about music not only from their father but from growing up in a family that constantly played music together, they have developed their own brand of compelling, empowering alt pop fortified by emotionally-driven lyrics and rich sonic textures.

The Pasadena natives, who have also played roles on the Netflix show GIRLBOSS, released their latest album Ghost Town earlier this year, and they told Musical Notes Global all about it. Check out our interview with Macedo below.

What are you most excited about with the release of your new album Ghost Town?

We are so excited because we poured our heart and soul into “Ghost Town”. We dove deep into the writing. We fought hard so that each song was exactly what we wanted. As women, there is so much you come up against in the music industry, including getting your vision heard. Personally, our favorite songs are “Ghost Town” and “Take Back the Night”. “Take Back the Night” is an important song about sexual assault. So many people experience it, but there is so much shame and silence surrounding it that it’s not often talked about. It’s incredibly difficult to talk about and we wanted to give people the courage to share their stories. I couldn’t get through the song without crying. We only did one take on the vocals for that one. We are excited to share such honest and personal songs.

What does Ghost Town represent for you?

“Ghost Town” emerged from a really difficult time. I (Michelle) had just ended a very long relationship & was experiencing health issues. I felt so terrified and alone. I cut myself off from the world for about 6 months just writing constantly. That utter isolation (besides from Melissa) brought about Ghost Town. It’s a reflection and exploration of the ghosts that we all have and the ways in which we are haunted by our past. This album is a reflection of memories that became a part of our identity. In essence, how we’re each being haunted, in good and bad ways. It was a very raw experience to write, there was no holding back.

Is there a message you hope to deliver to your listeners through this album?

We really hope our music helps people to empower themselves. Especially if they are feeling isolated or disconnected. I think the message of the music is to accept imperfections and that humans are incredibly resilient and beautiful as they are. If the song speaks to one person or helps one person connect to themselves in a way they haven't before, then it's worth it.

How has being sisters--and twin sisters--influenced your writing/music?

We are so deeply connected that sometimes we get ideas about a situation that the other one is in. So, Melissa will see me experiencing a relationship and she will get an idea about a song for it and because I am actually experiencing it, then we can finish it together. Michelle is really strong with lyrics and Melissa will add a melody to it, but it can be switched as well. We sort of go with the flow depending on the song. Every song is so different. Michelle does a lot of the writing in general. We wrote the song “Sea of You” together based on a melody idea that Melissa had, then Michelle flushed out the lyrics added some melody onto the edits of it. You never know when inspiration is gonna strike. As sisters and as musicians, one of us will supply what the other one needs. When I (Michelle) was going through health problems, Melissa was my protector and comforter. When I (Michelle) go to Melissa with new lyrics or a melody, Melissa is a great harmonizer. Some other twin bands don’t like to focus on the fact that they are twins. That is just a part of who we are, our relationship is integral to our art.

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