Designer/Musician CZARINA Talks Fashion + '80s-Influenced Single "Silence & Surrender"

PHOTO CREDIT: Ricardo Beas

PHOTO CREDIT: Ricardo Beas

Brooklyn-based artist CZARINA is finally making music again after a years-long hiatus, and we're so glad she's back.

By following her passions, the multi-faceted singer, songwriter, and fashion designer has shared her creative spirit with the world in a variety of ways and mediums. She started training for Broadway at a young age, but by the time she turned 15 decided to pursue her love for rock music instead, leading her to learn the guitar and keyboard and begin songwriting. She then went on to front the progressive metal band AIKOSTAR before focusing on her design career.

A graduate of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, CZARINA is the creator of the internationally successful rock-and-roll flavored footwear and accessories line Ivy Kirzhner, which has been worn by A-list celebrities including Tori Kelly, Beyoncé, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez.

"I think they both go hand-in-hand," she said about music and fashion and where she finds her inspiration, "although for me music definitely transcends everything, including fashion tastes. When I'm getting into a certain vibe when I'm writing, I start thinking about styling and looks to go with it. Then this vibe starts bleeding into my design. So when I started doing synthwave music, I started looking up fashions and silhouettes throughout the 80s. A lot of these silhouettes and vibe start to take influence the next collection. It's definitely all about the mood, vibe, energy and energy getting put out."

CZARINA recently made her solo debut with the single "Silence & Surrender," a synthy '80s-inspired track about letting go of control and letting faith and trust reign. "'Silence & Surrender' was written during a time I was going through some major life changes and answering to a higher calling," she explained. "Even tho the song has some very sensual tones, it is actually about realizing the power of surrendering. It is at that moment when we realize who we truly are and what our strengths are. Hence the lyric line "Pleasure's all mine. Pleasure's all mine."

Watch the official music video for "Silence & Surrender" below.

CZARINA will release a new single titled "Blaze" in a few weeks, which will also come along with a music video, as she prepares to drop her seven-track EP Painted Holograms in the fall. For all of CZARINA's latest news and updates, follow her on social media:


Instagram: @czarinaofficial

Twitter: @CZARINAnyc