Exclusive Premiere: Watch Rändi Fay's Ethereal New Music Video "Supernatural"

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Rändi Fay is a natural healer.

Spending years healing animals as a veterinarian, the Greenbay, Wisconsin-based singer and songwriter made the leap into music in 2010 and is now mending souls with her songs.

A four-time Wisconsin Area Music Industry "Jazz Artist of the Year" nominee, Fay enchants, charms, and casts a rejuvenating spell with soft vocals and engaging lyrics that reach into the deepest depths of the emotions.

Today Musical Notes Global is excited to present the premiere of the new music video for Rändi's single "Supernatural," her first release since her 2017 album Chrysalis. Featuring soothing symphonic melodies, "Supernatural" is spiritual, alluring, and completely mesmerizing while telling a love story refreshingly focused on balance.

"'Supernatural' is about the surreal intensity of love and desire, with chemistry romantic and intense, but also equal," Fay said about the track, which she co-wrote with Aaron Zinsmeister. "While writing, it had to be clear that the relationship is especially enchanted by the balance of attraction between both partners, not one fawning over the other. I wanted the music to support that concept by layering two very natural instruments, the voice and the bass, into a winding, 'supernatural' arrangement."

"The reality is that music is what is in the heart and intention of its creator, and in the ear and emotional response of its listener. It is music if it connects," she added. "I wanted to write a song that could bridge the concept of what is pretty much agreed upon as 'natural instrumentation' with some really cool synthetic manipulations of that instrument. So what could be more 'natural' than a string bass, and what more 'supernatural' than all of the instruments and sounds that can be made by combining its many versions (upright, electric and fretless), including percussive elements and occasional cool processing?"

The official music video for "Supernatural" finds Fay as the narrator while a female protagonist dances among a wonderfully lush landscape of greenery. Watch below and get "Supernatural" tomorrow on digital music platforms.

Rändi is also an admirable advocate for mental wellness, prevention of domestic violence and abuse, and animal welfare. For all of her latest news and updates, follow her on social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/randifaymusic

Instagram: @randifaymusic

Twitter: @randifaymusic

Website: randifay.com