Iranian Blues Singer Rana Farhan's New Album Talking 'bout Love is a Poetic Dream

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Born in Iran and based in New York, Rana Farhan has impacted and united listeners around the world with her unique musical fusion that blends two worlds.

Farhan's style is one that brings together the classical and the modern, merging American blues, rock, and jazz with Persian poetry. Building popularity online by digitally releasing music, she caught the attention of Iranian filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi, who not only featured her in his award-winning film No One Knows About Persian Cats but acknowledges that she is a significant presence in the Iranian music scene.

Rana recently released her new album Talking 'bout Love, a poetic collection of nine tracks that conjure intoxicating images of passion, longing, and lonely nights away from lovers. From the romantic '60s-flavored rhythm of "Chooni" to the funk of "All I Have Is You"; from the jazzy swing of "Was Not Was" to the sensual phrasing of "I Want You," she speaks to her listeners in a way that punctures the heart and coaxes forth all of the emotions we all have but may be afraid to feel, uncovering the most tender memories and fantastical dreams and bringing them to the surface. (Get the English lyric translations here.)

Farhan has sold out venues internationally, including The Toronto Opera House, The Auditorium Cite De La Musique in Strasbourg, France, and Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland, CA. Check out "Was Not Was" below and listen to Talking 'bout Love now on Spotify and other digital music platforms.

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