PSYRUS' "Hitcher" is a Party in Space

“Galactic party rock” is one way to describe Russian rock band PSYRUS’ music video for their single “Hitcher.”

The St. Petersburg natives, whose music is heavily inspired by The Sex Pistols, GBH, and The Exploited, pose the question of “What if Russia actually found Mars before the United States?”. In six minutes and 25 seconds, PSYRUS answers this very question with an intergalactic, multi-cultural blow out featuring the likes of robot Donald Trump, green reptilian people, and drinking Russians.

Sound pretty “out there?” It’s because it is. And PSYRUS likes it that way.

Complete with heavy beats, dance-worthy synth, and a catchy chorus, “Hitcher” is an EDM-rock fanatic’s dream track.

Check out the video below!

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